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Agaga (English speaking warrior the author met)
Bulolo (village on New Guinea)
Bumbuli (place in Tanzania)
Funakuma – village on southeast St. Cristobal island
Gorogoba (river)
Hanubada (village on New Guinea)
Hanuabada (village built on water in New Guinea)
Jagagaga (chatty old warrior)
Kafafarisubarisu (ghostgod of Owa Raha island)
Kafagamurirongo (wife of expat German sailor and tribe chief on Owa Raha island)
Kau-kau (potato)
Kaukaunafugo (good spirits of the forest)
Kokonga – village on Choiseul island
Kufagogo (village on New Guinea where widows carry the skull of their husbands around their necks. All the time.)
Kukukuku (tribe)
Lappoluobbelo (village in Norway)
Limpopo (South Africa)
Makalali (South Africa)
Mamako ( village on Owa Riki island)
Mamarana (village on Choiseul island)
Maneparapara (village)
Momakova (chief of a kukukuku village)
Morofonu (God)
Morombo (tribe)
Mpumalanga (South Africa)
Mukikamu (village in Congo)
Nafumanga (village chief on Owa Riki)
Pananga (place in Gabon)
Panzu Fumukulu (slightly insane chief of Mukikamu)
Tangala (South Africa)
Tumbulun (magic flute to scare women)

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