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Posted by mukikamu on July 21, 2007

It is extraordinary that I haven’t read Burmese Days before. I owe my thirst for colonial novels an apology. However, better later than never to bump into a classic. Orwell’s book flashes qualities of Bates in descriptions of Burman climate, wildlife and living circumstances, plus adds highly enjoyable critical view of British colonial society and politics of the 1920s. The tragic love story naturally is of secondary importance.

” A cool breath of wind blew up the hill. It was one of those momentary winds that blow sometimes in the cold weather in Burma, coming from nowhere, filling one with thirst and with nostalgia for cold sea-pools, embraces of mermaids, waterfalls, caves of ice.”

I am more than certain that I lived in the colonial Asia in my beforelife.

READ IT FREE ONLINE and I warmheartedly recommend Orwell’s Burman short story, Shooting an Elephant for antipasti.

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Posted by mukikamu on March 3, 2007

It’s undeniable that I have a weakness for colonial novels. I can’t help it. I am always swept away. The classic volumes of the great trio, Greene, Maugham and Bates are on my most sacred shelves. The latter is an absolute favourite with his delicate stories. His books’ slow athmosphere bring the wind of the tropics into the room. The Burman novels (Purple Plain and The Jacaranda Tree) make the monsoon sweep through your home. Airmchair travel at its best.

Read The Darling Buds of May for a taste of some English countyside.

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