The Armchair Traveler Club


The blog aims to re-discover old-timer travelers’ books and provide snacks for literature loving vagabonds.

It all started when I accidentally put my hands on an excellent Hungarian series of travel books from the 1960s-1970s. I discovered a lot of interesting volumes and authors that give different insight to certain places and certain eras. I am really hooked, so I started this blog to spread the word about the best travel reads I liked. These are not guidebooks, but collections of the memories of travelers and explorers from the XIX.-XXI. Century.  There are some amazingly crazy people among the authors as well as very educational discoveries.

Many people debate whether the importance of traditional travel writing has diminished due to new media that provide up-to-date visual information. People prefer watching a travel shows or running through guidebooks loaded with photos to reading travel diaries and detailed books from travelers of old times. I however am convinced that travel writings, diaries and reports add emotional value to far-away places and offer highly entertaining experience.

Mukikamu is an African village in Congo that is described by a Checz traveler in the 1920s in one of the travel books I have read. The village has a slightly insane chief and very lively citizens and the enchanting story is a good example of how these long-forgotten travel writings still have a lot to say about travels to foreign lands.

Hereby I declare the AIRMCHAIR EXPLORER’S CLUB open.

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One Response to “ABOUT MUKIKAMU”

  1. I have always looked at national geographic for this information. Now I’m using ebay to find more such information. I find if I locate the first author of a story I will find the best source of historical information and how it has changed over time. This applies particulary to tribes and their local customs. Nice to see this site.

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