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Posted by mukikamu on August 30, 2007

If you ever wondered what could possibly be exciting at an excavation, please read Thor Heyerdahl’s thrilling book about the secrets of Easter Island. You will never think digging earth is dull ever again. He is irresistably readable and brings out your curious and enthusiastic inner child. His storytelling is so exciting, you hardly believe it’s non-fiction. You are captivated and truly feel that you yourself are pushing through the impossibly narrow underground cave passages and negotiating with the maddeningly superstitious natives. It’s a long book and I haven’t even finished it yet, still, yes, this is a raving review. 



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Posted by mukikamu on August 10, 2007

I have read several books about safaris and although I really enjoy his novels, my favourite Africa writer is not Ernest Hemingway. It escapes me why. He was a great fan of hunting in Africa and has written fiercely about his inextinguishable passion. His books, Green Hills of Africa, The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber and The Snows of Kilimanjaro have everything a dreamy Africa reader could ask for, but I somehow lack a slightly more modest scientific and anthropological approach. However, these works are very personal classics of a Nobel-prized writer and it is unquestionable that the blunt and honest portrayal of the soul of White Hunters makes these volumes (especially the last two) literary treats. There is no way a devoted fan of the continent can go round them.

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Christopher Ondaatje has written a biography about Hemnigway and these hunting years. Check out a short interview with him HERE.

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Posted by mukikamu on August 6, 2007


Is there a greater classic among adventure books than the reckless Thor Heyerdahl’s story about a 104 day long raft ride through the Pacific in 1947? It is just as crazy as it is heroic and makes your jaw drop everytime. The 6 men fighting the elements on a hand-made balsa wood vesel are at the mercy of the acient Gods of South America and the Pacific. Encounters with wonderful Verne-like creatures of the sea bring the Pacific to life. Squids and giant sharks are right under your feet, fish and octopus fly into your face daily. You just have to put your toothbrush in the water and a fish bites on it vehemently. Myths accompany the Scandinavian crew all the way, it’s an uplifting tale of a pursuit of dreams. Mandatory for armchair explorers. I am prepared to fight everyone who says it’s a children’s book.



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