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Posted by mukikamu on January 25, 2007

One of the greatest explorers of all times, James Cook has put his experiences on his journeys around the world down in a book. We can be thankful because his ship log truly takes us back in time. I am always amazed at the challenges these sailors overcame with the limited technology at hand at the time. The book itself is a bit long and tiring to follow, but is definately one of the essetial reads for vocational travelers.  What we today call exploration is just a show-off compared to the heroism of Cook’s travels. Imagine he travelled the world between 1772 and 1779! It is also thought-provoking to peek-in the daily life of these ships. The tough conditions, imprisonment and army rules would certainly drive modern men mad in no time.

250px-captainjamescookportrait.jpg  cookroutes.png


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