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Posted by mukikamu on January 25, 2007

One of the greatest explorers of all times, James Cook has put his experiences on his journeys around the world down in a book. We can be thankful because his ship log truly takes us back in time. I am always amazed at the challenges these sailors overcame with the limited technology at hand at the time. The book itself is a bit long and tiring to follow, but is definately one of the essetial reads for vocational travelers.  What we today call exploration is just a show-off compared to the heroism of Cook’s travels. Imagine he travelled the world between 1772 and 1779! It is also thought-provoking to peek-in the daily life of these ships. The tough conditions, imprisonment and army rules would certainly drive modern men mad in no time.

250px-captainjamescookportrait.jpg  cookroutes.png

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Posted by mukikamu on January 25, 2007


French doctor spends a 18 months in Yemen in 1951 and writes about being a emancipated woman and a professional doctor in rural Yemen. I only have it in Hungarian but the title should be “Une Française médecin au Yémen” in French. Claudie left her husband and 4 children behind for this adventure that turned out to be a life changing experience. A small hommage can be read here in French.

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Posted by mukikamu on January 22, 2007


After the film came out I read the book to see how great material Che Guevara’s diary really is. I found it a bit hard to read somehow but finished it nevertheless. Unfortunately it is rare that I come across travel reading from Latin America. It is such an amazing continent with many secrets. (I must look it up! )

The Motorcycle Diaries lacked a touch of colourfullness for me, but I guess the whole point is just how underdevelopped these parts were at the time.  It is also truly interesting to read the thoughts of a young man who has no idea about the course his life takes later on.

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Posted by mukikamu on January 22, 2007

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Alexander McCall Smith’s books are a treat. Enchanting tales from Africa bring you close to its people and their way of thinking. All six volumes of the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series with the fearless and crafty Mma Ramotswe makes you want to visit Botswana immediately. The characters put a smile on you face and you feel like sitting right beside them at lunchtime in the shade of a marula tree. He also published a volume with African tales called A Girl Who Married a Lion, which is ideal for children with its magical and sometimes grotesque stories.

Read more about these books here. Once you’re hooked you won’t put them down.

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Posted by mukikamu on January 22, 2007

National Geographic Traveler has put together a list of essential travel reads. I haven’t read most of them of course but it includes some of my old favourites like the Moveable Feast by Hemingway, Roughing it by Mark Twain and the travel diaries by our beloved Mr Palin. Have a look here!

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