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Posted by mukikamu on November 25, 2006

This slightly square-headed Austrian has done an amazing anthropological work in South Sudan in the beginning of the XXth Century. Gari Gari is full with beautiful pictures and gives amazing insight to the lives of the natives.  There are great observations about daily life (like how nomads blow into the back of cows to get them give more milk and how breaking the front teeth of children is a way to enhance their social standing 🙂 ) and all documented with pictures that present a world that looks so exotic that I assumed this is where character designers got the ideas for Star Trek or Star Gate. You may browse some of his pictures here.

artwork_images_1050_107974_hugo-adolf-bernatzik.jpg imagesnypl.jpg images2nypl.jpg

Somehow there is abundance of African travel books from this era, but I guess it just shows how popular it was to go to safari at the time. I just wish there would be as much books from other parts of the world (ex. South America) as well. Bernatzik travelled to many places, but this was his only book I found. Albums with his photographs are more easy to find.



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