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Posted by mukikamu on November 13, 2006


Parizek a czech adventurer traveled to Belgian Congo between 1929 – 1930 and visited many small villages including Mukikamu, Bumbuli, Cullipulli which are the funniest names I have ever seen! He had a very knowledgeable guide called Kpveke-vo, who spoke many languages and even traveled to Europe. At that time this was quite an achievement for a local. Parizek’s book is a series of lighthearted episodes, among which you meet carachters like Panzu Fumukulu, the king of the bajaks and Vabenga, the chief of Mukikamu, whose eyes are so crooked, tha he can “look two devils in the eye at once” therefore is very powerful. The book states local legends and tales (like that of the crocodile man) and takes you hippo hunting with the natives. It’s a joy to read about the author’s encounters with local chiefs which has a highly tiresome protocol and about the tam-tam drum network that spreads news between villages amazingly efficiently.


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